My Story

I’ve always known I wanted to me a mom. I have a distinct memory of myself at age 8 stuffing a blanket into my jean overalls with a holographic sunflower on it and pretending I was pregnant and was married to the dreamy Taylor Hanson (“MMM Bop” was huge at this time). But as we know, wanting something enough does not mean it will happen when you want it to. As a perfectionist, this is not easy to deal with. My own experience trying to conceive and grieving early pregnancy loss forced me to learn and utilize tools to put my body, relationships, and mind in the best health. An added challenge for me was the process of weaning off of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications and having to take an honest look at my nutrition. As your health coach, I will be your partner on your journey to conceive, providing evidence-based resources, meeting you where you are in your knowledge of the logistics and your current lifestyle, pinpointing your goal and setting realistic and attainable action steps to get there, and offering you the tools to thrive and not just survive.


This program is for women trying to conceive who want to optimize their health and fertility naturally before resorting to modern fertility medicine or increase the success rate of assistive procedures. Cut through the noise of all of the information that is out there to get just the evidence-based facts. No more trolling internet forums, Dr. Google, or Facebook groups for answers or a semblance of support. You may feel broken, numb, isolated, frustrated, or helpless right now, but it doesn’t need to stay that way. Work with me to get clear on what is and isn’t in your control, have support and accountability in making lifestyle changes, and have someone on your team who is really listening to you. With a clearer mind, healthier, relaxed body, and a network of support, you will be in a much better place to conceive, have a healthy pregnancy, and give birth to a thriving baby. 

This Program Is For You If:

  • You have been actively trying to conceive without success for months or even years
  • You have been researching how to improve your odds on your own but are overwhelmed and confused
  • You are looking for support from someone who gets it
  • You feel like a failure as a woman and wife/partner
  • You want to avoid the costs, time, and energy of ongoing fertility treatments
  • You feel isolated and alone and are pulling away from relationships that are triggering
  • Trying to make a baby has become a full-time job and sex is a business transaction
  • You’re at a breaking point and aren’t taking care of your emotional and self-care needs
  • You’ve tried to make lifestyle changes to improve your chances of conceiving but have trouble following through

Topics That May Be Covered:

  • Goal setting, visioning, and values
  • Natural hormone balancing
  • Exercise and movement to promote pregnancy
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Self-care and stress management
  • Eating right for fertility
  • Minimizing toxins and estrogen-mimickers
  • Reading your body’s fertility signs
  • Navigating changing relationships
  • Rediscovering intimacy and connection with your partner

Our Work Will Include:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle strategies that will help you optimize your chances to get pregnant and stay pregnant, produce healthier eggs, ovulate on your own, and balance your hormones
  • Skills on how to deal with friends and family members who just don’t get it or say the wrong things
  • Self-care strategies so you can truly take care of your whole body and mind
  • Meditation and breathing techniques to help you get through the waiting periods and let go of trying to control your situation
  • Strategies for keeping the spark alive in your relationship

You Should Expect:

  • A more regular cycle and healthier egg for ovulation
  • The highest chance of conceiving on your own without medication or assistive technology
  • Relief from the isolation and negative self-talk
  • A support network of women who are experiencing the same challenges as you

This 90 Day (3 Month) Coaching Package Includes:

  • 12 weekly sessions, 45 minutes in length
  • Personalized fertility screening
  • Journaling exercises to work through the range of emotions you feel throughout this journey
  • Virtual yoga classes focused on women’s health and fertility
  • Mindfulness and meditation exercises
  • Goal setting guide
  • Recipe guide
  • Educational resources
  • Recommended reading list
  • Access to my private Facebook support group
  • Unlimited email support