Post Vacation Self Care (NOT a "detox")

I HATE the word “detox”. You don’t need to drink a potion of lemon juice and turmeric or buy a fancy blender to make Kale smoothies. Why? You have something called a liver, and unless you have a liver-related health condition (hepatitis, liver failure, cirrhosis, gallstones, or liver cancer), it knows how to do the job.

I just got back from vacation with my husband to Mexico. It was lovely despite some sunburn (even though I wore sunscreen AND reapplied). We were staying at an all-inclusive resort, so 2 out of 3 meals were buffet style, and the veggies and lean protein options were few (or grossed me out). We did enjoy a few beers and cocktails while sitting by the pool a few days, and had drinks with dinner. We are not big eaters, so our nutrition woes had more to do with not getting enough of the nutritious food and water.

Here are some simple steps you can take to take care of yourself once you step off the plane and back into the real world:

  1. Let yourself sleep in and take that extra vacation day.

  2. Cut out alcohol and caffeine for 1 week, both of which are dehydrating.

  3. Drink lots and lots of water.

  4. Get back into the groove of your exercise routine on day 1 or 2 post vacation.

  5. Go grocery shopping right away and fill your cart with contents from the outermost aisles (produce, fresh breads, dairy, lean meats)

  6. Try to make most of your meals high-fiber and high protein for the next few days (or longer!)

  7. Stick to whole foods (aka not processed) for at least one week.

  8. Take the memories of relaxation, pretty scenery, or quality time with family or friends with you as you head back into your normal routine and everyday stressors. Write down your highs of the trip and keep photos in your phone to look at on your lunch break.

My photo memory of Cancun, Mexico.

My photo memory of Cancun, Mexico.

Do you have any upcoming trips? Let me know if I can help you take care of yourself during or after!